Report Published for EC Reliable Disclosure System for Europe (RE-DISS II)

IT Power and its partners have been working on Phase II of the European Commission funded project Reliable Disclosure System for Europe (RE-DISS II) since April 2013. IT Power has just published a key report from the project; Qualitative Assessment of the Disclosure and Guarantees of Origin System in Europe Report, which sets out the status quo of the implementation of the Best Practice Recommendations (BPR) developed in RE-DISS across the EU28, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. The RE-DISS II project aims at improving significantly the reliability and accuracy of the information given to consumers of electricity in Europe regarding the origin of the electricity they are consuming. Such information is given to all consumers through the regime of electricity source disclosure, which is a requirement on all European suppliers of electricity. Within the project, several activities and supporting documents have been generated and are available on the RE-DISS II website.

The background of the project is formed by the formal tools of the Guarantees of Origin (GO) for electricity from renewable sources (RES) and from high-efficient cogeneration, which are defined by European Directives. The project aims at supporting European countries to properly implement the requirements set out in the new RES Directive 2009/28/EC as well as in the Cogeneration Directive and the Internal Energy Market Directive. The project establishes and supports a group of “Competent Bodies” which have been designated by major European countries and which are dedicated to improve the procedures for Guarantees of Origin and Electricity Disclosure in their countries.

The first phase of the RE-DISS project was launched in mid April 2010 and ended in October 2012. RE-DISS I resulted in recommendations on how to implement and correctly use guarantees of origin which are the disclosure tools that were created by the RES Directive and the Cogeneration Directive. It resulted in important improvements in the electricity tracking systems (guarantees of origin and disclosure) in several member states (for more information, see the RE-DISS final report).

RE-DISS II, was launched in April 2013 and aims at overcoming the existing shortfalls in coordination and implementation of related policies in the EU27, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. Competent authorities of these countries are the major target group but the project will also produce recommendations dedicated to electricity market players. RE-DISS II promotes and organises exchange of experience among Competent Authorities. The project team will also endeavour to bring individual support to European Competent Authorities for GO and / or Disclosure requiring assistance to improve their systems in place.



RE DISS II Project